The purpose of our website is to help people find a rental apartment in NYC without incurring broker fees.People enjoy the customer service aspect that a broker offers but are no longer willing to pay the exorbitant fees for the service.  Brokers have all the information- The platform brokers use charge expensive monthly membership fees and are only available to brokers.   The free websites supply outdated and broken information which makes it difficult for users to find apartments and arrange viewings.  The whole industry is geared towards brokers!  We believe FriendOFaBroker.com addresses the current imbalance that exists in the market, allowing people to have the benefits of a broker without paying a large fee for meeting a broker in person.  For a nominal upfront fee ($150) we will perform all the services a broker will normally do for you except meet you at your apartment viewings and submit your application on your behalf.  We will search all the databases and send you an up to date listing search, once you have decided which apartments suite your criteria best we will set up your appointments according to your schedule. Once you have found the apartment you like we will guide you through the application process, sending you the forms and reviewing your documents.  We guide you through the entire rental process to ensure you find an apartment in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.Our Services: . We search all the NYC rental databases according to your individual criteria, set up your appointments according to your schedule and guide you through the rental process. We ensure you get approved and make sure the whole process is efficient and hassle free! 
Expert Advice: You’ll feel like you’ve got a best friend that’s a broker! FriendOFaBroker will give you all the advice you need to find your apartment for rent in NYC! Whether you need a little help from a friend or the full service we are ready to help
Our Interests are Aligned: Friend of a broker charges an upfront fee for our services. This keeps our interest aligned and ensures honest and unbiased advice!
Quality Service: We hold your hand through the rental process. We know how stressful, and frustrating it can be. Whether you are looking for a long or short term commitment, we will help you find the one!
No Rental is Too Big Or Small: No commission means we give everyone equal attention. We deal with cheap apartments in New York, Luxury apartments NYC, sublets NYC, furnished apartments NYC, and all short term and long term rentals in New York City.
Up To Date NYC Listings: We are not a search platform- We are real people performing comprehensive searches according to your criteria.We search up to date listing to ensure we don’t waste any of your precious time!
  We Make Appointments for You: We understand the most stressful aspects of finding an apartment is scheduling appointments.(Especially with your busy schedule!) Friend of a broker will coordinate viewing appointments according to your schedule.
Real Information: Friend of a broker sends you exact address listings. We won’t just send you the cross streets! We will send you detailed information allowing you to take charge of your rental!
Value for Money: Compared to the industry standard of either a one month or a 15% fee, our flat fee of $150 is real value for money! Our fees are so low because we never meet you at the apartment or negotiate your rent (we leave that up to you!). It should be comforting to know that we are always an email or telephone away so you are never alone in the process.

Full Service: $150

Consultation.                                                                                                        Receive exact address listings.                                                                             We schedule up to 5 appointments.                                                                     We review your application.


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  1. Thanks so much! I was recommended to your website by a good friend. You really helped me!

    Last week I was meeting brokers on the street that were making sign agreements before they showed me the apartments just in case i signed a lease which would cost me a one month or 15% fee!

    What most people don’t know is that landlords/management companies will accept your application without a broker, the problem is that all the up to date information/website is only for brokers.

    I decided i didn’t want broker nor did i want pay fee.

    So I tried all the no fee website which only gave me the management company numbers and trying to contact them/ the right person to arrange a viewing was almost impossible- If i managed to contact someone most likely i was informed that the apartment was already leased up.

    And then just as I was about to give up and call a broker I heard about friendofabroker!!!

    I love the service and will tell all my friends! Thanks again for eveything!

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